Tips and tricks for snacks

An apple here, a muesli bar there, oh, and a latte macchiato…and well, a piece of chocolate would go nicely with that latte. There are very few people out there who would turn down a snack. Snacks provide us with a short burst of energy and can be eaten quickly. Nevertheless, they often slow down our body’s metabolism since they interrupt the normal structure of our nutritional routine. Yet snacks also have a positive side: when they contain the right ingredients and the correct amount of calories, they can also supply the body with energy while helping to reduce weight. We explain below what nutritious snacks should contain and give you four great ideas for healthy snacking.

Ingredients which are good for our bodies


Eating protein snacks in combination with working out supports your body in several ways. It promotes muscle growth and strengthens muscle mass, which is great news for your fat-burning potential: muscles use fat as their primary source of energy.

Dietary Fiber

This miracle healer is great for digestion and prevents us from being struck by those sudden cravings for something sweet or fatty.

There aren’t really any snacks that burn calories or fat while we are eating them. However, certain ingredients are known to stimulate the metabolism, and these are exactly the ingredients we want to include in our healthy snacks. The golden rule for healthy snacking is that a snack should contain less than 200 calories and should include 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Below you’ll find our tasty suggestions for following the golden rule.

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