How to increase fat burn in your everyday life with Asana Rebel

It’s admittedly hard to achieve an optimal balance of healthy nutrition and doing sports while managing a stress-inducing daily workload. So nobody will hold it against you when those times of the year roll around where things like your health, your body and keeping up with fitness aren’t quite at the top of the list. However, if you’ve seriously decided to increase your metabolism and to effectively burn calories every day, then we’d like you to take note of the following tips which can help you keep burning fat with a minimum of effort.

Drink, by all means, drink!

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important aspect of healthy nutrition. Each drop of fluid which courses through your body gives you energy, boosts your metabolism and helps to supply you with more daily energy. An excellent and really simple tip for ensuring you’re getting enough fluids every day is to keep a water bottle or thermos with you and decide beforehand how much you will drink that day. Start off your day by filling up your bottle with green tea, which detoxifies and purifies the body.

Planning is everything

Mastering a high-stress daily routine filled with meetings, deadlines and numerous pro-fessional and private appointments requires careful and detailed planning. This doesn’t mean making things more complex by adding items to your calendar – but rather solid planning for your nutritional intake. With a bit of discipline, you’ll soon have yourself trained to plan your breakfast and lunch the night before. It’s helpful to begin by writing down on Saturday what you will eat during the coming week. Then you can go shopping with your weekly plan in hand, and have everything at home to get your week off to a good start. Take time during the week to prepare your lunch for the following day. You’ll soon see that it does your body good to eat a nutritious lunch which you’ve packed at home instead of grabbing a calorie bomb at the bakery when your stomach starts to growl. Tip: Items such as chia pudding or quinoa make great lunches that can be pre-pared a few days in advance.

A worthy investment: making time for yourself

When was the last time that you had some time for yourself? In the midst of a daily rou-tine juggling family, career studying, full or part time work or freelance assignments, it’s often hard to take some time for yourself. Yet our bodies, our health and our ability to burn fat effectively benefit significantly when given this time. If you’re running from one appointment to another, going to bed late and gulping down your food on the go, you shouldn’t really be surprised when your body’s fat-burning performance is less than optimal. Make time for taking care of your body. Start waking up half an hour earlier to give yourself time to properly enjoy a delicious breakfast. However, let your computer stay in sleep mode while you’re having breakfast. Since you’ve started your day off well, why not end it in the same manner? Take an hour in the evening to wind down without thinking about all of the things you have to do or have going on at the moment. Simply let your day end on a relaxed note.

Sleep is still the best medicine

Sleep is critical for everyone who is focusing on burning fat. With 4 – 5 hours of sleep at night, the body hardly has the time to break down the remaining calories and fat left-over from the day. Your body is guaranteed to burn more calories on its own if you get to bed early and take the time to start your day off right.

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