How to improve balance with Asana Rebel

Balance is important for overall fitness

When training, you also need to maintain balance to complete your workout. This almost always starts with a strong core. “Balance comes from the body’s center of mass, the core,” explains Lisa Nichole Folden, D.P.T. At Healthy Phit Physiotherapy. “Balance should be a top priority when exercising or exercising, as a lack of balance and core strength can increase the likelihood of falls and other injuries.”

You lift weights, schedule your cardio, and do your best to incorporate exercise into your routine. But are you balanced? In addition to improving posture, increasing joint stability, and strengthening muscles, balance training helps prevent injury and is a key component of longevity.

Balancing your body weight

While performing the exersice, notice if you tend to carry your weight forwards or backwards. Try to keep your body in proper alignment and feel a strong connection to the ground. Notice where and how you are out of balance and make appropriate corrections in your body.

Balancing your muscle mass

The muscles of the lower body—the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves—are our largest muscle groups. Your adductors (inner thigh muscles) are also important for balance because they keep your hips aligned. However, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to maintain muscle mass, which can lead to imbalances. Research shows that by combining exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower body, we can also improve our balance.

Improving balance through exercise

Any balance exercise will help you move more efficiently and smoothly, which can have a positive effect on your body image. This gives you a boost both in your everyday life and in many different sports. Your performance will improve and you will see the benefits faster!

Asana Rebel is offering set of workouts to improve balance.

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