How to gain strength with Asana Rebel

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that involves the use of weights to strengthen muscles. Strength training can be done with or without weights and can be continuous or intermittent. Strength training is an essential part of any fitness plan - whether you’re preparing for a professional sport, or just general health and wellness.

Exercise without weights

Bodyweight training can be just as effective as weightlifting for building strength and muscle mass. Exercising without weights allows for more precision in targeting specific muscle groups. It’s also possible to target more muscle groups at once with this method compared to using weights. Additionally, bodyweight exercises can be done continuously without stopping, making them just as effective as weightlifting exercises. Be your own gym: work out on your lunch breaks, in hotel rooms or late at night.

Yoga can improve your flexibility and strength

Fortunately, it’s easy to improve flexibility and overall strength by incorporating yoga into your fitness routine. In addition to maintaining joint flexibility and preparing muscles for more strenuous physical activity (both of which can reduce the risk of injury), yoga is also very beneficial for mental health and the health of your lymphatic and digestive systems.

Yoga is an excellent way to improve your flexibility and supplement your strength training. We’ll go a step further and dispel this common misconception: You don’t have to be very flexible to do yoga. Try Asana Rebel for strength—we guarantee it’ll add to your workout routine. We’ll guide you through a series of warming and strengthening poses, followed by active, deep stretches.

Improve your breathing and circulation

Asana Rebel practices allows you to gently slow down your mind and body by focusing on mindful breathing, simple meditations, and postures. This helps reduce stress while lowering blood pressure, increasing lung capacity, and improving respiratory function and heart rate.

Using Asana Rebel every day helps strengthen the chest muscles, expand lung capacity, and increase oxygen uptake.

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