Fab five for your fat-burning breakfast

How much fat our bodies burn largely depends on how our metabolism is functioning. If there are problems with the metabolism, losing weight won’t be easy. Still, there are a few tricks that can help you accomplish weight loss. Our bodies are programmed to get energy by burning fats, proteins or carbohydrates. The body will use whichever of these are available to source its energy. If you start off the day with muesli, bread and corn flakes, your body will focus on drawing its energy from carbohydrates. This raises insulin levels in the blood and can counteract weight loss efforts. Therefore, we have to turn our bodies into fat-burning machines first thing in the morning, and yes, this requires a good portion of fats. Read the five pointers below to find out exactly how this works.

To lose fat, the body requires fat

Fat-burning is precisely just that, the burning of fat. This means that the body needs to be trained to acquire its energy through fat burning, and this can be accomplished with a few simple tricks, especially when implemented at the start of the day. Breakfast is, without a doubt, the meal that sets the fat-burning pace for the rest of the day.

Even if doesn’t sound like conventional diet advice, it’s actually quite logical. If you provide your body with fats in the morning, your body in turn rewards you with increased fat-burning abilities. Consuming healthy fats at breakfast time means the body can automatically draw on these fats throughout the day for energy. In order for this to be effec- tive, though, you’ll have to eliminate carbohydrates and sugars from your morning meal.

Super fruit: the avocado

An avocado is loaded with fat – however, it’s healthy fat. If you eat an avocado in the morning, you’ll provide your body with enough energy for the day. Plus, avocados keep you feeling fuller longer and reduce hunger pangs.

Super nuts: almonds, cashews and walnuts

“Nuts are full of fat. They make you fat, just like chips!” Of course we’ve all heard this about nuts, but it isn’t quite correct. Yes, nuts are high in fat, which is why portions of walnuts, almonds and other nuts should be kept small. However, a handful of nuts can really pack a nutritional punch.

Our favorites: almonds (highly effective fat burners), cashews (they contain a lot of carbs and magnesium) and walnuts, considered to be a true “brain food”. This nut has an appearance that lives up to its name.

Superfood deluxe: the coconut

The coconut is well-known for the multitude of health benefits it provides. With its balanced proportion of protein plus nutrients and minerals, the coconut is an all-rounder. Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties and help to protect us from external influences. Moreover, since it’s a medium chain fatty acid, the body converts it quickly into energy. This conversion process uses up calories, thereby raising your metabolic rate. It’s easy to include coconut in your morning meal – try frying your eggs in coconut oil or sprinkling coconut flakes on top of your avocado.

You can rev up your body’s fat-burning mode in the morning very easily. A great way to start off your day is by combining the four food items listed above together in a meal.

Tip: take time to have your breakfast. This is certainly not the meal to be gulping down on the train or while you’re driving to work.

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