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Our most advanced fitness system

Yoga Inspired Fitness

Asana Rebel’s Yoga Inspired Fitness is a holistic body training that invigorates the muscles, increases flexibility and strengthens the spirit. It was developed by sports scientists and yogis. The only thing you need is a mat and your own body weight. This workout system involves cardio, strength and flow exercises.

3 Components to Success

Everything you need in one place

Yoga Inspired Fitness is a holistic body training that invigorates the muscles, increases flexibility and strengthens the spirit. It was developed by sports scientists and yogis.

Burn calories

Get lean

Improve flexibility


Cardio sets consist of a number of different Asanas, which are repeated in a quick succession. A cardio set took 30-40 seconds, followed by a short pause. In one workout is a permanent alternation between activity- and


Cardio sets consist of a number of different Asanas, which are held for 5 breaths. A strength set took between 30 and 50 seconds depending on the amount of Asanas. In each workout every set is repeated once on each side.


Flow sets consist of a flowing sequence of Asanas which are carefully matched to each other. A flow set took between 2 and 10 minutes. In one workout every set is repeated once.

What you get

Feel sexy and healthy

Strong and defined body
Strengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility
More Energy
Cleansing the body and enriching the blood with oxygen
Body Fat Reduction
Supports the quick burning of calories and loss of body fat.
Calm and Clear Mind
Calms the nervous system and stimulates the brain.
Improves lung capacity and strengthens internal organs

Frequently asked questions

Why is Yoga Inspired Fitness so effective?
Asana Rebel takes away all of the aggressiveness found so commonly within traditional fitness programs and instead we make women love working out. Through the infusion of yoga and interval training, we can get women burning fat, toning muscles and escaping their everyday life in anything from 5 to 30 minutes.
Why did you guys create Yoga Inspired Fitness?
Asana Rebel invented our trademark Yoga Inspired Fitness to give modern women with busy lifestyles a chance to do something thatʼll benefit their mind, as well as their body. We know our userʼs time is precious and because of this, we want to make their time spent working out as enjoyable and beneficial as we could. Therefore, we infused Yoga which is mainly focused on matters of the mind & soul, with interval training to speed up the metabolism, the muscle toning and fat burning.
Why does the world desperately needs Yoga Inspired Fitness?
Yoga Inspired Fitness is the future of female workouts. Why? Because it letʼs women take time for themselves in a way they have never before. Yoga Inspired Fitness allows women to work both their body and mind together with the infusion of Yoga and Interval training, resulting in them not just looking sexy & healthy but feeling it too. Thatʼs the most important thing, right?
Why is it easier to learn Yoga Inspired Fitness than other styles?
YIF makes self learning easier by assisting you with a short preview of each set to allow you to get the most out of your workout. Each set is repeated 2 or 3 times to make sure that you can perfect each flow and get more out of the movements each and everytime.
Why itʼs so easy to learn and follow?
Asana Rebel was created with the goal of making women all over the world want to work out. How do we get women from all over the globe to workout? Simple! Make it enjoyable and easy for them to. Thatʼs why we made an application to make sure that no matter where they may be they can workout – at home, in the airport, on holiday, at work, etc. The application is made with a user interface that is inviting and warm from the offset, to make sure users are calm and ready for their workouts.
The coach is available to guide users through their programs, give tips and inform of successes right until the end. Furthermore, the videos allow you to change the music – allowing you to personalize your YIF experience. Throughout the video, we preview each exercise to make sure that you get the most out of each sequence and talk to you through the entire process to let you really let go and get the most out of your time spent on the mat.
Why less risk of injury compared to others?
Asana Rebel took the best practices from traditional yoga and blended them with our interval training sequences. That means that the basic principle of body & mind awareness will allow you to only hold the poses to a point that feels comfortable. Also, all positions are explained in advance and you work alongside our instructor – giving you a point of reference at all times.
Why itʼs so addictive?
Asana Rebel is getting women all over the world addicted to working out. How do we do it? By infusing yoga, a holistic fitness practice, with a proven fat-burning method that focuses on interval training, making users feel amazing at the end of each workout. This satisfactory feeling is the main reason our app is so addictive. Aside from that, the user interface is easy-to-use and playful, making sure that every day each use has personalized, new workouts – making it hard not to want to do #yogaeverydamnday.

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