Why These Yoga Myths are Wrong

Yoga is often seen as something that is exclusive, only available for those “in the know.” It is also seen as expensive, time consuming, and boring. But we’re here to bust some of these most common misperceptions about yoga, once and for all.

by Samantha Emory

Pop culture has a way of solidifying stereotypes in our minds: the silent, brooding cowboy; the ditzy blonde best friend; the eccentric, peace-sign-wearing yogi. The myths that surround yoga, and those who practice it, don’t stop at pop culture, however. Yoga is often seen as something that is exclusive, only available for those “in the know.” It is also seen as expensive, time consuming, and boring.
When these misperceptions persist, people—those who could greatly benefit from the practice—miss out on yoga, and all that it offers. So we’re here to bust some of the most common misperceptions about yoga, once and for all.

 1. Yoga is exclusive

It’s true that influencers ​can​ make yoga appear intimidating. Their lean physiques and sleek gear can seem entirely unattainable to one starting out in the practice. Yoga is, however, one of the few workout styles that accepts all levels of expertiseall shapes and sizes, and all ages.
Because most yoga poses are low-impact, they are kind to those with injuries, with sore bodies, or even with babies in their bellies. But let’s go back to those beautiful, intimidating yogis. Think of yoga like a ladder. Perhaps the yogis you admire are near the top of that ladder, but they, like all of us, started at the bottom and worked their way up through consistent practice, and patience.

2. Yoga is expensive

yoga athlete uses mobile appCarry your personal trainer in your pocket instead

Yes, yoga ​classes and studios​ can be pricey. But yoga itself? That’s free. Learning yoga outside of the classroom is easy and affordable with apps like Asana Rebel. Asana Rebel’s app opens up the world of yoga, without breaking your budget. Besides saving you a bundle, the app also allows you to take your yoga practice with you wherever you go.

3. You have to be flexible or strong to do yoga

We all have a memory like thiswe’re in an exercise class and the instructor asks the room to follow her in a stretch or a routine that we know we cannot do. Panic sets it, then embarrassment. Believing that you already have to be able to execute the poses in your yoga routine from the very start of your practice is understandable: you want to do this thing right.

Flexibility and strength, however, are not prerequisites of your practice. They are the end game. No matter how stiff you are in your first routine or class, don’t lose faith. You will find strength and length in time. The important thing is to take everything step by step, why not start with our Yoga Foundations collection? This will teach you the fundamental movements of many flows that you may experience either within the Asana Rebel app or at your local group class.

Like this example from our Yoga Foundations collection


4. Yoga is boring

man inverted yoga back stretchSmooth movements, steady breathing: these are some of yoga’s most important tenets, and also the ones that lend themselves to the perception that the practice is dull. And yet, yoga routines are far more engaging and varied than, say, 30 minutes on the treadmill, or a spinning class.
The Asana Rebel app offers a range of routines that not only target all sorts of muscle groups, with different styles and intensities depending on your level and what you are looking for. If you are looking for a relaxing Vinyasa flow to detox after a stressful day in the office, then there are plenty to choose from in our Desk Dwellers and Stress Relief collections. If you are looking to push your body through a more strenuous workout then perhaps Power HIIT is more your style?

They can also be done in your backyard, by the beach, or ​on a mountainside​ [depending on how much of an Instagram influencer you're aiming to be!]. Why not share a photo of your most recent practice with us on Instagram? You can tag us @asanarebel or #asanarebel

5. Results take too much time

Woman deep lunge yoga warehouse

If you’re looking for quick fixes, yoga may not be for you. Yoga is about teaching your body flexibility and strength through flow and breathing; it is not about rushing weight loss or muscle build up.

That said, when your mind is focused, you will find that, within a single routine, your body grows stronger and longer. Take ​a standard vinyasa flow​. From your first Downward Dog to your last, notice as your heels edge closer towards the mat; as space grows between your shoulder blades; and as smoothness comes to your transitions. How’s that for fast results?

6. Mindfulness is for out-of-touch hippies

girl yoga meditation pose jungleMindfulness gets a bad reputation, much like that of the stereotypical yogi.
Yet, in our fast-paced lives, mindfulness has never been more necessary—or helpful. Being mindful in your practice, and with your breathing, are habits that can translate into a healthier approach to work, to relationships, or to a multitude of other anxieties or stressors. In other words, mindfulness is not just about remaining present in your yoga practice: it is tool that can be employed in making you a better boss, a better spouse, a better friend, and a happier, more present individual.

I hope that we have managed to correct a few of the misconceptions holding people back from doing yoga, and that some people who wouldn't have considered it as an option will now give it a try!

girl laughing post workout

namaste is just another way to say hakuna matata, it means no worries

What is Asana Rebel?

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