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September Yoga Love Month

Did you know that September is more than just one of the most common birth months, not just a stepping stone between summer and Christmas but is actually Internation Yoga Month? We've decided to call it Yoga Love, because Yoga Month sounded dull, and we're big fans of Yoga.

by Adrian Evans

We considered giving you a gruelling month challenge of the hardest yoga poses we knew, and watching you struggle..... and then some of our colleagues helpfully pointed out that you are actually quite a lovely bunch of people, and perhaps instead we could do something a tad nicer. We took a long hard look in the mirror and agreed, so here goes. 

Below you can find our Yoga Love challenge, which can take even the earliest beginner, or those who have been a bit out of practice (I know I am) from downward facing dog to bending lotus robot pose (definitely not a thing). The great thing is, as you tick off more challenges throughout the month, you should be able to see your own progress. Feel yourself getting a little more flexible, stretching a little further, wobbling a little less and smile, you are getting better every day. 

Its also a perfect excuse to take a little you time, even though you're maybe heading back to work, or you need to pick up the kids later, no one can take these moments away from you.

Who said yoga was too hard? Or too easy for that matter? Yoga is up to you: relaxing or relentless, calming or cardio. We've wrapped up some of our greatest hits for you.


Why not let us know how you get on with our challenges? Share some snaps of owning Yoga with us on Instagram @asanarebel

september yoga love challenge


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