Yoga for Beginners: Essential Poses for Beginners

Thinking about starting yoga? Don’t think twice. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise that will strengthen your body and mind.

by Adrian Evans

While it can feel intimidating to start, Yoga really shouldn't have to be! Here is an effective and manageable beginners flow for you to try that can be done in any space. These poses will help you build on your practice and equip you to move onto more advanced flows in the future, whether you'll be doing your practice at home or in a group class.

Ready to start? Below is a breakdown of two of the poses you’ll do during this Beginners Flow. You can find even more beginner flows in the Asana Rebel app, as well as some more advanced options whenever you're ready!

1 Downward Facing Dog

If there is an all-in-one yoga pose, it would definitely be Downward Facing Dog. The pose will strengthen, lengthen and energise all of your muscles. Practicing the pose is also a nice way to relax your mind and body. It’s vital to learn how to do Downward Facing Dog correctly so you are able to reap all of the benefits of the pose.

2. Warrior I

Warrior I is highly praised for being an excellent chest, shoulder and upper back opener. Practicing this pose will help you develop better balance and concentration. The pose will also give the front side of your body a well-deserved stretch.

3. Mountain Pose

The basis of all standing poses. Practicing the Mountain pose will help to improve your posture and it reduces flat feet. The pose will strengthen your thighs, knees and ankles while toning your abdomen and buttocks.

4. Warrior II

This pose is great for building focus and stamina. As you position yourself into Warrior II, you will feel a nice stretch in your hips, legs and ankles. Practicing Warrior II consistently will have you finding new strength in your arms, shoulders, core and legs.

By incorporating yoga to your training plan you will notice the difference in your entire body. From better breathing, posture and balance to feeling more energised: it takes your fitness game to a whole new level. The Asana Rebel app has an expansive library of yoga-inspired workouts to choose from with no equipment needed. Start now and get better every day!

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