Today, choose what feels right

It is so easy to spiral into negative thoughts; to be critical; to compare ourselves to others or play down our accomplishments and strengths. This can be especially tempting if we’re in a competitive work environment, or when scrolling through Instagram. That’s why today, on the World Mental Health Day, we want you to stop for a second and decide what feels right for you, whatever that might mean.

by Samantha Emory

For some people, choosing what feels right could simply mean a hot bath once a week, or a night out dancing with friends. For others, it requires a daily ritual—allowing ourselves a luxury to take time for our mental health every single day

Take a break

Maybe, instead of reaching for your phone first thing when you wake up, reach for a journal. Channeling just five minutes of your morning routine to take note of what is worrying you, as well as what you’re grateful for, is a great way to get an honest picture of your mental state. 

If journaling is not your thing, try exploring the world of meditation: focus on your breathing allowing the thoughts to come and go as they are, or use one of the widely available guided meditation sessions. 


Many of us also find self-care rituals in the time and energy required for building our physical health and wellness. Regular exercise is not just about getting stronger and fitter —which, in itself can be a booster to your self-confidence and happiness. It is also about creating a pattern of health for your body and your mind.

When you exercise, your mind is distracted from work or relationship stress by more practical tasks: thinking about the path ahead of you on your run, feeling the burn in your body during squats, keeping up with the beat in spin class. Plus, tapping into the natural resource of endorphins that comes from an invigorating workout is another wonderful way to activate that self-love. 

But moving does not always have to mean working up a sweat

Stretch it out

Moving does not always have to mean working up a sweat: start simple and take a walk. Thirty minutes around your block, or to the coffee shop one neighbourhood over, gets your blood flowing and your mind centred. For an added challenge: leave your phone at home. Giving yourself that half an hour of pure disconnectivity can do wonders for your focus and happiness during the rest of your day.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more heat, start your day with a yoga flow sequence—a good way to wake up your joints and muscles, especially if your job requires lots of time behind a desk.

A day like today is the perfect opportunity to explore whatever habit, treat, or exercise feels right for you. If you still feel like you need a starting point, we decided to make three of our premium sessions available for all of our users this weekend so you can explore it a bit further: Calming the Mind meditation for when you just need a break, Balance of the Trilogy I workout for a bit of a heat, and the Core Crusher session if you think that only intense exercise can make you feel better. 

Every day should include taking a moment just for yourself

Today is the perfect opportunity—but it is also a reminder that every day should include at least a few seconds, of looking at your life to see how you can add more honesty, enjoyment, and appreciation for yourself to it, no matter if the changes you make are big or small. 

Whether that means meditation, a relaxing yoga flow or a high impact workout


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