Why It’s Hard To Stick To Healthy Habits

When it comes to improving your health habits, there will always be reasons to give up. Let us show you the barriers keeping you from your health goals and how to break through!

by Samantha Emory

Resolutions are easy to make. Sticking to those resolutions...far less so. When it comes to your fitness goals, there will always be reasons to quit early. The good thing is, you’re not alone.
We all struggle with our energy, our diet, our budget, our motivation. And because modern life throws so many obligations in our path, exercise often takes the back seat. The trick: to integrate your fitness goals into your busy schedule in a way that works for your work, your budget, and your health.

man sleeping bedroom 1 Sleep is the Best Medicine

Not having enough energy to work out is one of the most common roadblocks in achieving fitness goals. Jobs, children, school: there are endless sources of worry blocking the way to a good night’s sleep.
However, all it takes are a few simple steps to better prepare your mind for rest. We all know we need to unplug, but we often forget the impact of all these screens on our sleep. Using phones and laptops before bed suppresses the release of sleep hormones, and delays our circadian rhythms, both of which make it harder to drift off. So instead, replace that Netflix episode with a good old-fashioned book or magazine, and enjoy that better quality sleep.

2 You Are What You Eat

hand holding bowl of fruitsThe biggest blocker to fitness goals is often diet. What you eat, and when, has an enormous impact on your energy—and therefore, on your motivation and ability to work out. Michael Pollan, award-winning author of ​The Omnivore’s Dilemma​ and ​In Defense of Food, once wrote:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

While there is no ​one​ diet that works for us all, on the whole, Pollan’s words ring true. Take his second statement: “Not too much.” Portion control is something that we easily discount, especially when we eat out, but it is a perfect starting point for a general evaluation of your eating habits. Think about how much food you need to feel satisfied without feeling over-full; think about the vitamins and minerals you are getting from the ​whole​ foods in your diet; think about what times of the day make most sense and feel best to eat at.

When trying to boost your system, especially for exercise, focus on a pre-workout snack or meal with protein and carbsfruit, oatmeal, granola bars, nuts, a hardboiled egg. And of course, before and after, drink plenty of water.

3 Goals: Start Small and Be Practical

Another reason why workout goals fail is that they are not actionable or personalized for the individual. So before you even begin your workout plan, it’s important to evaluate what your goals are, and if they make sense for ​you.​ Start small and be practical. If you’re a newcomer to regular exercise, ease your body into the practice with low-impact yoga routines that nonetheless help tone and build muscle.
A sequence like a ​lunge flow​ is a wonderful place to start. Designed in the Vinyasa Flow style, this sequence improves flexibility and brings strength to your core, arms, and legs. Repeating such a routine is also a great way to mark progress, as you find space and steadiness in the poses. As you get stronger, challenge yourself further with strength and sculpting routines like ​mountain climber​ or ​skater jump sequences.

Like this example from our Yoga Foundations collection


4 Gyms are expensive but fitness shouldn't be

yoga athlete uses mobile app

Carry your personal trainer in your pocket

When your budget is tight, attaining your fitness goals can seem impossible. And while gyms and fitness classes are great resources when it comes to getting a satisfying workout, they are expensive. So skip the gym fee with the Asana Rebel app. With just the app and a mat, the whole range of Asana Rebel’s exercises are available to you—from ​beginner routines​ to ​advanced, strength building poses​.
Launching your workout goals at home has another benefit too. When starting down the path of fitness, it’s easy to feel self conscious—about your abilities or your appearance, which can make gyms become a source of dread. However, when you build strength and confidence at your own pace, in your own space, you don’t have to waste energy worrying about how you look, or what people think of you.

Instead, you get to focus entirely on your body, and your goals, which you are going to absolutely smash!

girl laughing post workout

They're your goals, take them at your own pace and most importantly have fun!

What is Asana Rebel?

The Asana Rebel app is an excellent tool to help you reach and achieve your health and fitness goals. For your physical health, the app is filled with more than 200 workouts that you can do from anywhere in the world and no equipment is required. For improving your mental wellbeing you can find mindfulness, meditation, sleep podcasts and nutrition advice.

No wonder 10 million users around the world have stopped wasting money on the gym and started investing in yoga-inspired fitness. Asana Rebel does it the right way.