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What is Meditation and Why You Should Try It Today

Demystifying meditation and showing you how easy it is to try out for yourself

by Samantha Emory

We all have an image in our mind’s eye of what meditation ​looks​ like: criss-crossed legs, hands resting on the knees, eyes closed, a peaceful expression. Meditating, achieving this image ourselves, at first seems simple—easy, even.

However, when many of us finally decide to try this popular mindfulness technique, we find that inner calm alludes us. At any given time, there are a thousand and one things buzzing around our brains that threaten a meditation practice. Within minutes (sometimes, within seconds), we become fidgety and restless. Our eyes flutter open and we check the clock or our phone.

1. What is it? Who Does It? And Why?

close up man meditates

Meditation is about tuning and improving your attention, awareness, and energy through repetitive practice. The desired outcome of meditation is often characterised as mindfulness: an ability to be present and engaged in the moment. Practices can last from a few minutes to a few hours, and is best practised daily.

Many ask who is meditating and why? The easy answer is everyone. Meditation is now a growing trend, with many people using it to address the anxieties and stress of our busy world. Fortunately, meditation is a powerful weapon in this fight: Mental benefits range from increased focus and clarity to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. But it doesn't end there, it even gives physical improvements, such as lower blood pressure and boosted immunity.

2. Getting Started with Meditation

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Getting started with meditation, however, can often feel much harder than it looks. It’s not only about finding a pose that is comfortable enough to rest in for several minutes without becoming stiff or slouched. It’s about paying close attention to your breath—on bringing a rhythm and intentionality to your inhales and exhales—, and the far more difficult task of clearing your mind.

Luckily, due to meditation’s current popularity, there exists a multitude of meditation techniques for beginners, built to ease our technology-soaked minds into the practice. Ironically, a great place to start is by outsourcing your discipline to a friendly, digital guru.

Through videos and meditation apps, such as the Asana Rebel app’s guided meditation features, calming voices lead you through daily meditations of varying durations. The app also offers playlists that soothe your mind with meditation music, scoring your minutes of calm with pleasant, ethereal tunes.

Take a listen to one of our most popular meditations here:

This is an excerpt from Self Love by Cory Muscara which you can find in the meditation section of our App. If you'd like to listen to this and other meditation sessions, you can do so by downloading our app if you haven't already. 

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No matter which of these methods work for you, it’s recommended to start small: choosing a shorter meditation period to begin with is the best way to forge a habit of the practice. This has the added benefit that, as you work up to longer sessions, you can track your growth.


3. I Don't Have Time For Meditation...Do I?

Like all habits, meditation is most effective when it becomes a part of your daily life. However, fitting in a daily meditation in your schedule often presents a challenge. So is it best to meditate in the morning? At lunch break? Before sleep? Timing your meditation is a deeply personal choice. Therefore it will depend entirely on your lifestyle, as well as on your reason for turning to the practice in the first place.

If you are looking to ease stress from work, meditating in the morning, to prepare your body and mind for the day, may be best for you. If you’re a new parent or someone who suffers from anxiety, sleep meditation—or a guided sleep meditation as offered in Asana Rebel’s Sleep Music and Meditation feature—could be the answer to the rest you’re desperately craving.

If you want, why not try out one of our sleep meditations here:

This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of meditation: the way it can be “customised” to the individual. Meditation is for everyone, everywhere: not just yogis, not just gurus. It can be shaped to fit any lifestyle or location. It is a practice in nowness. It is a moment to recalibrate—a way to squeeze a moment of calm into your life, no matter what the rest of your day holds.


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Who doesn't feel relaxed barefoot in the sand?

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