The Secret to Stress-Free Travel

Keep Your Travel Stress-Free In a Few Easy Steps

by Samantha Emory

Seeing new places and meeting new people is one of the richest ways to reconnect with yourself, and the world around you. But the pleasure we seek through travel is often threatened by the stress that comes with stepping outside of our comfort zone. As soon as we close our front door, our minds are buzzing with the threat of missed flights and pesky, hidden expenses; our phones are crammed with lists of what to see and do and where to eat; and, meanwhile, we continue to brood over the daily stressors of work and family—things that we hope to escape through our vacation, but which often prove hard to shake.

1 First Steps = Most Important

Being mindful about preparing your mind and body for summer trips helps alleviate these “side effects” of travel—side effects that many of us have become resigned to. Most techniques to keep traveling stress-free are extremely simple, but are easy to overlook. First, there are the pragmatic steps. That nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something, or that you’ll miss your transfer, is quieted when you take the time to plan ahead, stay punctual, and pack smart, with clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. However, when these practical steps fall short, there are a few more tricks that can pick up the slack.

2 Consider Meditation

If you’re new to meditation, start a regular meditation routine every other morning for a few weeks before you leave for your trip, so that you can easily transfer this habit to fit your travel schedule. Once you’re on the road, no matter where you may be, make the time and space for yourself to continue these meditations. They will bring ease to the franticness of being somewhere new, and aid in reflecting on your experiences—which are so often unexpected and inspiring while traveling—in real time, keeping you present and appreciative.

3 Preparing your Body

Your body can also register the tolls of travel: sore backs from lugging around heavy suitcases, cricked necks from turning to keep an eye on your curious kids. The Asana Rebel app is a wonderful travel companion to maintain a mindfulness in your breath and body. A tutorial like the ​Breath & Relax Vinyasa Flow routine​, for instance, marries the inner peace of a meditation practice with the energy of a yoga exercise. With just a mat—or a towel—and the app, this exercise works on your upper arm and core strength (remember those heavy suitcases?) while also stretching your entire body, to prevent and cool tweaked muscles. And with the Asana Rebel app you can do this and many other routines (regardless of your level!), all from the comfort of your Airbnb, or the beauty of the beach.

Like this example from our Yoga Foundations collection


4 Unplugging

Concentrate on what's around you, not your like count

While meditation and yoga can reduce the stress of travel, the lingering anxieties from work and daily life can also be tackled through mindful actions. Avoid FOMO—i.e. a Saturday night with your friends back home—by taking a breather from social media. Install an app to block your usage, and be patient: curing the instinct to check your feeds will take time and patience.

Replace your compulsion to be on your phone with one to get out: walk around a new neighbourhood in a new city, or along the beach in front of your hotel. Before you leave for your trip, set an out-of-office messages for your email, and tell your colleagues that you won’t be reachable on Slack. Turn off as many push notifications as possible, and let the need to stay informed of all office news, drama, and events be replaced by a welcome (if temporary) ignorance.

Who doesn't feel relaxed barefoot in the sand?

What is Asana Rebel?

The Asana Rebel app is an excellent tool to help you reach and achieve your health and fitness goals. For your physical health, the app is filled with more than 200 workouts that you can do from anywhere in the world and no equipment is required. For improving your mental wellbeing you can find mindfulness, meditation, sleep podcasts and nutrition advice.

No wonder 10 million users around the world have stopped wasting money on the gym and started investing in yoga-inspired fitness. Asana Rebel does it the right way.