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Kickstart Your September Reboot

A lot of people talk about reinventing themselves every January, and then all of a sudden it's already summer and they haven't made it through their goals. But don't panic, everyone gets another shot in September! It's official.

by Adrian Evans

To give your month a boost we thought that we'd whip up a nice detoxifying reboot challenge for you. It's here to shake off the stress of a whole summer of looking after the kids, to distract yourself from no longer being on the beach, and to keep at bay the potential stress and anxiety of your return to office life.

Who said when you wake up when September ends it had to be unhappily? Embrace September, enjoy health.

We've included all of our favourite ingredients: a heavy dose of revitalising exercise, a dash of meditation and a soothing drip of focus, finished off with a chaser of seductive sleep music. Scrumptious.

Why not let us know how you get on with our challenges? Share some snaps of your own September detox with us on Instagram @asanarebel

September reboot challenge


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