Rebels as seen on screen!

We are pleased to announce that we are launching our first global TV campaign. We are planning to use this launch as the first step in becoming the global leader in the yoga-fitness field. Previously we have mainly focused on digital marketing. With this change in direction, we are going to bring Asana Rebel to a new worldwide audience and attain even more new loyal members.

by Asana Rebel


Our campaign is set to launch in three different continents, starting with the US, then moving across Europe to France then ending in Australia. Our choice in starting the campaign in these countries is a part of our strategy to target countries which already have large yoga communities. This is the first step of our marketing expansion to reach a bigger worldwide audience.


Why TV?

Our co-founder, Pascal Klein, also had this to say about the move towards tv marketing: With the changing world of digital marketing, we see this campaign as a chance to diversify and use TV as a tool in reaching new customers worldwide.


The campaign is being propelled forward with the expertise of local agencies in each of the countries we are launching in. This was a very important step in our campaign launch as we felt it was key to have local experts who have an understanding of our audience and a strong performance-driven approach.


With our radical change from digital marketing, Severine Thomazo - our VP of Strategic Projects (previous experience within the offline marketing field: Fox Mobile Group, Jesta Digital and DCMN) gives our campaign industry insights and expert knowledge.


This is what she had to say about the change in direction from digital marketing:It is not new that TV is one of the best performing marketing channels for digital brands. It allows us to reach millions of new potential customers, very quickly, and thanks to TV attribution tools, marketers can optimise on RoI - as with any digital campaigns. TV is definitely a key part of our long-term plan to build a powerful brand.