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Sleep: The Missing Link In Your Health Regime

There is nothing more vital to our wellness, but nothing more evasive, than a good night’s sleep. Here we'll look into what's keeping you away from restful slumber, and some of the ways to combat them.

by Samantha Emory

1. The single unique answer to better sleep right now

Research into the importance of sleep has exploded over the past decades and we are continually learning new ways in which sleep impacts, and shapes, our health. We now know that sleep helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as fight diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and, possibly, dementia. It is also the key to getting the day started productively, staying focused, and having enough energy for a sustained and effective workout routine

The bad news is: there is no golden ticket to a good night’s sleep. Like everything worthwhile in life, it takes work. But many of us forget that there is effort to be put in. Sleep feels like, and is, something so natural, that it often gets neglected. When it escapes us, we throw in the towel and switch the computer back on, or turn on the light to finish our book. Finding your way to better sleep is about arming yourself with tools to fight off another sleepless night.

2. Ruining My Sleep: who is to blame?

To figure out how to sleep better, it’s necessary to figure out what is standing between you and that generous dose of REM. There are endless irritants that can lead to a bad night’s sleep; there are however a few that seem to plague us much more than the rest. There are, of course, the easy culprits: babies, noisy neighbours, street sounds. Also contributing to sleepless nights, however, are things we have a bit more control over: our screens, our work stress, and worries from our personal lives, such as relationships or money issues.

Decreasing the impact of screens on your sleep is a good place to start. The light illuminating our phones and laptops impedes the release of sleep hormones, messing around with our circadian rhythms and damaging our sleep patterns. Though for many of us, our work requires long hours in front of a computer or phone, it’s a good rule to try and leave screens out of the bedroom and off for at least an hour or so before bed. This has the added benefit of removing temptations such as social media or binge watching.

3. Fighting Sleep: Its what's inside that counts

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As for the worries that have an unwelcome habit of burrowing a hole in your brain right as you’re hoping to drift off to sleep: there are tricks for those too. Sleep meditation is a wonderful way to settle your brain into a quiet rhythm, and  shrug off some of those anxieties. Many find that the the Sleep Music and Meditation feature on the Asana Rebel app is the perfect companion for their sleep meditation routine. Here you will find guided sleep meditation and sleep sounds, tailored to bring tranquility to busy brains.

You can even listen to an excerpt from one here:


Take the first step to peaceful sleep every night


Another way our waking lives impact our sleep is through the body itself. Whether you’re sitting behind a desk all day, or up on your feet from dawn till dusk, daily routines have their impact on our muscles and tendons, creating stiffness and discomfort that can be distracting when we lie down to rest. Integrating a nightly yoga routine into your schedule, like one of Asana Rebel’s ​low-impact yoga flows​, can smooth out some of those kinks, making you more comfortable and at ease when you settle in for bed.

For example, we've found the flow of these poses below really help to destress your body and mind ready for bed, but if they feel a bit intimidating you can also start with our Yoga for Beginners


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At the end of the day, getting the sleep you need is about listening to yourself—whether that be the needs of your body, mind, or lifestyle. With tools like the Asana Rebel app’s sleep aid features, figuring out what step to take next is easy.

sleeping dog

People say sleep like a baby, but they wake up all the time and scream...So sleep as peacefully as this puppy instead.

What is Asana Rebel?

The Asana Rebel app is an excellent tool to help you reach and achieve your health and fitness goals. For your physical health, the app is filled with more than 200 workouts that you can do from anywhere in the world and no equipment is required. For improving your mental wellbeing you can find mindfulness, meditation, sleep podcasts and nutrition advice.

No wonder 10 million users around the world have stopped wasting money on the gym and started investing in yoga-inspired fitness. Asana Rebel does it the right way.