Fat Burn: Whittle Your Waist With Plank Hip Dips

A fat-burning version of the traditional forearm plank, Plank Hip Dips (with hip rotation!) strengthens your abs, obliques and lower back, whittling your waist as a result.

by Asana Rebel

1 Benefits

By targeting those oblique muscles of your core, you’ll experience increased flexibility in your back, shoulders and hamstrings.

2 Step-by-Step Guide

Begin by starting in a Downward Facing Dog (stacking your shoulders in line with your wrists, keeping your hips in line with your knees, tucking your toes, lifting your knees off the floor and taking your hips into the air).

  1. Start by softening your chest, shifting your body into a forearm Plank Pose.
  2. Lower your body, slowly, to your forearms.
  3. Keeping your shoulders strong and reaching back, let your right side and right hip touch down, almost to your mat.
  4. Now do the same with your left side.
  5. Repeat this pulsing sequence, on your left and right sides, a total of 10 times.
  6. Come back to forearm Plank Pose and shift into Downward Facing Dog
  7. Now lower your knees onto your mat, resting in Child’s Pose to feel your breath flowing through your chest, core and back.
  8. Rise back into Downward Facing Dog, lengthening through both of your legs.

3 Focus Areas

  • Strengthens your side waist, obliques and shoulders
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves your posture

4 Plank Hip Dips Tips

If almost entirely dropping down to your mat bothers your lower back, feel free to make “mini-movements” instead. Do this by only slightly tilting each of your hips down and returning to forearm Plank Pose.

5 Variations

For an added challenge, assume the initial forearm Plank Pose and lift your body into Side Plank Pose (do this by lifting your hips off the floor until you’ve created a straight line with your body). Now slowly lower your hips, not allowing them to touch your mat and proceed to lift them back up. Repeat this movement 5-10 times on either side and you’ll really start to feel the burn!