I’d like to do yoga but I don’t know what any of it means

We didn’t want anyone to feel held back by the belief that yoga is too difficult to learn. So we’ve made this glossary for you, to take away the confusion and focus on the enjoyment!

Adrian Evans

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September Yoga Love Month

Did you know that September is more than just one of the most common birth months, not just a stepping stone between summer and Christmas but is actually Internation Yoga Month? We've decided to call it Yoga Love, because Yoga Month sounded dull, and we're big fans of Yoga.

Adrian Evans

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Kickstart Your September Reboot

A lot of people talk about reinventing themselves every January, and then all of a sudden it's already summer and they haven't made it through their goals. But don't panic, everyone gets another shot in September! It's official.

Adrian Evans

Why These Yoga Myths are Wrong

Yoga is often seen as something that is exclusive, only available for those “in the know.” It is also seen as expensive, time consuming, and boring. But we’re here to bust some of these most common misperceptions about yoga, once and for all.

Samantha Emory