Yoga for Beginners: Essential Poses for Beginners

Thinking about starting yoga? Don’t think twice. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise that will strengthen your body and mind.

Ulisha Moodley

Advanced: Tighten Your Core with Tabletop Crunches

Challenge your existing yoga routine with effective Tabletop Crunches that pack a powerful punch, bringing beautiful flexibility to your spine, shoulders, and hips.

Asana Rebel

Advanced: Master Stability with One Legged Push-Ups

Discover powerful stability with One Legged Push-Ups, a yoga inspired fitness variation of push-ups. This strengthening sequence is for all you skilled yogis and this move will actively target your triceps, chest, shoulders, abs and glutes.

Asana Rebel

Advanced: The Goddess Pose Shoulder Stretch

Embrace your inner yoga goddess with a move that not only tones your core, quads and glutes but also increases flexibility in your chest and shoulders. Mastering the Goddess Pose Shoulder Stretch pose does take time but eventually provides a deep stretch to your hamstrings, making it all worthwhile.

Asana Rebel

Advanced: Define Your Abs with Mountain Climbers Stretch

Reach new heights with Mountain Climbers, an effective cardio warm-up for skilled yogis that gets your heart pumping while actively targeting nearly every muscle in your body (abs, this means you!).

Asana Rebel

Yoga for Beginners: Warm Up with Dancing Flow

This “dancing” sequence flows from one pose to the next. Dancing Flow will quickly warm up your entire body, while strengthening your shoulders, awakening your hamstrings and releasing any tension from your hips.

Asana Rebel

Yoga for Beginners: Stretch and Strengthen with Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations, a yogic technique that is made up of a series of postures, are one of the best ways to sharpen your mind while strengthening and stretching your entire body. For beginners, this is your starting point! Build strength in this sequence to make sure your future yoga workouts are a lot easier.

Asana Rebel

Yoga for Beginners: Discover Core Power with Plank Walk

This short yet effective “walking” sequence of Plank Pose is any beginner yogi’s best friend. Plank Walk works to strengthen your upper body while toning and stabilizing your core.

Asana Rebel

Yoga for Beginners: Find Flexibility with Lunge Flow

Opening your hips and your chest, this flowing lunge sequence provides your body with new strength and beautiful length. No matter if you’re new to yoga or a true yogi, Lunge Flow is an essential asana (yoga pose) for flexibility and will give you that much needed full body stretch.

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Sculpt Your Core with Half Burpees

Add some heart-pumping cardio to the traditional Plank Pose with our modified Half Burpees, giving your core and metabolism a serious run for its money.

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Bodyweight Lunge Variation for Flexible Strength

Get toned legs and create flexible strength with this yoga inspired fitness move that combines Bodyweight Lunge (Crescent Lunge) and Arm Circles. Bodyweight Lunge variation works to tone your lower body and promote beautiful stability within your core.

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Boost Metabolism with Skater Jumps

Channel your inner ballerina with Side Curtsy Jumps, also called Skater Jumps, which blast calories by revving up your heart rate and working to sculpt your lower body (think stubborn inner and outer thighs).

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Balance and Tone with Eagle Arm Lunge

It may sound dainty but trust us, this hybrid move is anything but! Testing your balance with traditional yoga and toning your behind with backward lunges, Eagle Arm Lunge gives your body a heart-pumping workout.

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Seriously Break a Sweat with Yoga Burpees

Add a cardio element to your yoga practice with this ultimate full-body exercise that gets your heart rate revved up and your muscle groups awakened. A set of Yoga Burpees will seriously make you sweat!

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Elbow Plank Leg Lifts for Killer Legs

This full-body exercise, with added leg lifts, gets your abs and glutes working overtime, giving your metabolism that much-needed boost. Elbow Plank Leg Lifts also works to give you perfectly toned legs and thighs. 

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Whittle Your Waist With Plank Hip Dips

A fat-burning version of the traditional forearm plank, Plank Hip Dips (with hip rotation!) strengthens your abs, obliques and lower back, whittling your waist as a result.

Asana Rebel

Breathe & Relax: Vinyasa Flow for Ultimate Relaxation

Synchronizing your body with your breath, this cyclical Vinyasa Flow sequence provides strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

Asana Rebel

Balance & Focus: Build Upper Body Strength With Yoga Rock Star

Find your balance and core strength in this hip and heart opening pose. Yoga Rock Star will help to improve your focus, and by practicing this pose you'll develop a rock solid body.

Asana Rebel

Flexibility: Detox Your Body With Low Lunge Pose

From the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers, find beautiful length in your side body while improving your breath and posture. Low Lunge twists help to detox your body and release tension in your back.

Asana Rebel

Strength: Challenge Yourself With Core Boat Crunch

The Core Boat Crunch gets your core actively working, deep hip flexors moving and your confidence soaring.

Asana Rebel

Fat Burn: Get Toned Abs With Downward Dog Crunch

Get your blood flowing, your flexibility improving and your core seriously working with this fat burn move that’s a cinch to follow. Think of this move as our adaptation of the traditional Downward Facing Dog.

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