Advanced: Tighten Your Core with Tabletop Crunches

Challenge your existing yoga routine with effective Tabletop Crunches that pack a powerful punch, bringing beautiful flexibility to your spine, shoulders, and hips.

by Asana Rebel

1 Benefits

Building core, shoulder, and lower back strength, this fat burning sequence coordinates crunches with your breath to help improve your focus and advance your yogic journey.

2 Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Begin in Tabletop Pose on your hands and knees (your hands directly under your shoulders, your knees directly under your hips, and your toes untucked so the tops of your feet are pressing against the floor).
  2. Now, without arching your back, draw your belly button towards your spine and extend your left leg behind you, tucking your toes. Press back through the ball of your foot to lengthen your leg.
  3. With your abdominal muscles engaged, extend your right arm forward to shoulder-height and reach through your fingertips. At the same time, lift your leg off the floor, a few inches or all the way to hip-level. While you inhale, don’t lift your leg higher than shoulder-level.
  4. Repeat this movement a total of five times.
  5. On the fifth repetition, reach your arm back to catch your left foot, lifting it up at an angle for a deep stretch.
  6. Hold this stretch for three deep breaths.
  7. Release and exhale, returning to your original Tabletop Pose.

3 Focus Areas

  • Increases flexibility in your spine, shoulder, and hips
  • Builds core, shoulder, and lower back strength
  • Improves focus and coordination

4 Tabletop Crunches - Tips

When folding forward with your arms coming up over-head, be sure to release any possible tension of your neck by dropping your shoulders further away from your ears.

5 Alignment

This pose is designed to not cause any discomfort or pain. However, if you find that your knees are uncomfortable, feel free to fold your mat or place a firm blanket underneath your knees for added support. Also, when holding the final stretch, focus less on how high you lift your leg and more on the alignment. Flexibility comes with patience and with practice.