Advanced: The Goddess Pose Shoulder Stretch

Embrace your inner yoga goddess with a move that not only tones your core, quads and glutes but also increases flexibility in your chest and shoulders. Mastering the Goddess Pose Shoulder Stretch pose does take time but eventually provides a deep stretch to your hamstrings, making it all worthwhile.

by Asana Rebel

1 Benefits

Loved for its gentle massaging and stretching effects, this Goddess Pose variation is an experienced yogi’s best friend (also known as the Wide-Legged Forward Fold). The Goddess Pose and Shoulder Stretch opens your hips and your chest while strengthening and toning your lower body.

2 Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start by standing in the middle of your mat in a wide-legged stance, with your toes pointing out at a 45-degree angle and your hands at your sides.
  2. Now, interlacing your fingers behind your back, make sure that your palms touch at all times.
  3. Deeply inhale and pull your hands down towards your mat, providing a beautiful sensation of opening your chest, shoulders and throat.
  4. Slowly exhale as you fold forward, lifting out from your hips with a straight back to bring your head towards your mat.
  5. As you do this, now bring your arms up behind you to face the wall in front of you. (Be sure to keep your palms touching at all times and if you need to, feel free to bend your knees.)
  6. Take a moment to deeply inhale and exhale, feeling the stretch all the way down your back and along your legs.
  7. On your last exhale, slowly release your hands to your mat and as you inhale, slowly raise your body back up to a standing position.

3 Focus Areas

  • Stretches your hips, groin and chest
  • Tones and strengthens your core, quads and inner thighs
  • Improves digestion and circulation

4 Goddess Pose Shoulder Stretch - Tips

When folding forward with your arms coming up over-head, be sure to release any possible tension of your neck by dropping your shoulders further away from your ears.

5 Alignment

To properly lengthen your spine before your forward fold, imagine you are lifting your waist out of your hips, your ribs out of your waist, your chest out of your ribs and your head off of your chest.