Advanced: Master Stability with One Legged Push-Ups

Discover powerful stability with One Legged Push-Ups, a yoga inspired fitness variation of push-ups. This strengthening sequence is for all you skilled yogis and this move will actively target your triceps, chest, shoulders, abs and glutes.

by Asana Rebel

1 Benefits

As you continue advancing in your yoga practice, prepare your body for more challenging arm exercises to come with Chaturanga push-ups. This sequence strengthens the muscles surrounding your spine, helping to improve your posture while toning your arms, abs and lower back.

2 Step-by-Step Guide

Begin in a Downward Facing Dog (stacking your shoulders in line with your wrists, keeping your hips in line with your knees, tucking your toes, lifting your knees off the floor and taking your hips into the air).

  1. From this Downward Facing Dog, inhale as push your right leg back up and behind you, then shift your weight forward into a High Plank Pose as you exhale (your shoulders should be directly over your wrists).
  2. Now bend your elbows behind you at a 90-degree angle, brushing your arms against the sides of your body as you exhale and lower down.
  3. Hold this Four-Limbed Staff Pose, otherwise known as Chaturanga, keeping your body in one straight line.
  4. Now in a swift movement, push back up to raise your left leg behind you into a Dog Split Pose (your hips should be squared and level with your mat).
  5. Move forward again into a High Plank Pose.
  6. Repeat this flowing push-up sequence a total of 6 times, making sure to breathe steadily throughout.
  7. For an extra strengthening challenge - repeat this entire set 2-3 times.

3 Focus Areas

  • Strengthens shoulders, back, arms and legs
  • Tones abs, lower back and glutes
  • Improves balance and concentration

4 One Legged Push-Ups - Tips

Do give your shoulders a break! In other words, don’t put unnecessary pressure on them. Instead of pulling away from your mat, try pushing up. This adjustment will activate your triceps, letting them do all the hard work.

5 Alignment

When in High Plank Pose, make sure to support and stabilize your shoulders by positioning your hands directly underneath your shoulders. To keep your core consistently engaged throughout, stretch your chest forward, keep your heels back and hold your gaze between your hands.