The Easiest Way to Lose Belly Fat

A common misconception people tend to believe is that shorter workouts are not effective. Lets prove that wrong today.

Finding that no matter what you do at the gym that belly fat just won't get the message?
Many people think they can fix my working out for longer each time, but what difference does that make if its only once a week or less?
With the exercises below, and many more on our app, you can squeeze a workout into even the shortest of gaps, and still get maximal results.
So let's get started!!

#137: Full Body HIIT

1) One Handed High Plank to Toe Tap for one minute

REST for 10 seconds

REPEAT 4 times then move to next exercise

2) Side Plank Crunches for one minute

REST for 10 seconds

REPEAT 4 times

CONGRATULATIONS - you just burnt more than 300 calories! 🔥🔥

Power HIIT is a challenging but awesome workout that focuses on quads, glutes, mobility, and core strength.

You can find more power workouts (as short as 5-minutes!) in the Asana Rebel app.

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